Adrian Mead

Name: Adrian Mead

Company: Guardian IB

Position: Director

What’s your proudest achievement working at Guardian IB?

The fact that we have successfully grown our client numbers over the last 4 years and are proud to say that we now handle over £12m in annual premiums. Our growth has come predominantly via client referrals which we believe is testament to the service we provide our existing customers that they feel confident to recommend us.

You mention on your website that Guardian remains constant in a changing world, how do you stay consistent despite the ever-changing nature of business legislation and practice?

Our focus has always been arranging insurance for businesses and we handle all types of clients from Hauliers, Manufacturers, Construction and Property Owners to name but a few. Generally speaking though if someone telephones ourselves, and they need something we will try our best to find a solution for them.

We are an independent broker and therefore are not tied in any way to certain insurers. Therefore as a consequence, we deal with the majority of insurers in the marketplace and also have access to specialist insurers for the more complex requirements which includes the Lloyds market.

Understanding a business is something that seems core to the way you operate as an organisation, how do you research potential clients to achieve this level of understanding?

One of our core principals is taking the time to understand the needs of our clients and then tailoring the insurances to ensure it suits them, as a result the majority of our involvement with clients is through face to face meetings. By doing this the insurers fully understand what the customers does, we provide them with photographs of the clients premises this in turn ensures the optimum premium is achieved.

Long term clients are vital in business, how do you create the trust to retain your client base?

As you mentioned we have always tried to remain constant and look ahead in an ever changing world, for example we have recognised that with motor fleet insurance there is an increasing benefit from the use of Telematics and Vehicle cameras, as such we invested in our own cameras for our clients. In some instances we have even obtained funding from insurers for this type of risk management and the results for our clients have been transformational to their claims record, resulting in improved premiums.

With regards to new clients our aim is to always meet them and undertake a review and a health check of their insurances and this first meeting is always free, the feedback we receive from this is excellent and we welcome any Avensure client to contact us.

With that in mind, can you tell us something we may not know about Guardian IB?

One of our key focuses is to ensure our clients are kept up to date with emerging risks and solutions such as threat of cyber and data attacks. In addition through our client reviews we discuss areas that they’re not currently insured and offer solutions, for example, most policyholders are unaware that Terrorism is not automatically provided in most UK policies and needs to be purchased separately. Customers can then consider the risk, and decide if they wish to purchase the additional insurances.


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