Daniel Reilly

Name: Daniel Reilly
Company: Epic New Media and Ruler Analytics
Role: Director


What is Ruler Analytics?

Ruler analytics is an Marketing measurement software that integrates with a businesses website. Ruler identifies the exact marketing source that generates inbound telephone calls, sales, leads and bookings. It identifies each individual visitor to a website, how they discovered a website and what actions they took whilst there.

We developed Ruler Analytics to enable us to understand what marketing activity is working and what is not.

What’s Ruler Analytic’s proudest achievement?

We have had many, even at this early stage. However being integrated with Barcelona FC tracking their website activity is great, a global brand that everyone is familiar with. We are working with FTSE 100 companies as well as smaller businesses. The fact that we thought there was a need for a product like this back in 2011 and now people are loving it 3 years on makes us proud.

How many employees work for Ruler Analytics?

We are a small business and have a full time team of just 6 currently

Are the majority home or office-based?

Everyone works from the office, it’s is stressful at times but a nice place to be so everyone likes to get in.

How do you keep employees engaged?

I think the biggest thing is that everyone in the team understands that we are trying to grow something huge and successful and that we all benefit from the successes we have. Feeling part of a team is important for owners as well as employees. It is rare in this day in age to find people that don’t just hop from one job to the next without loyalty. We try and foster that here.

Do you find it challenging to implement HR activities when you are busy chasing business?

Yes – it is difficult. I think that is why you need to outsource to good HR consultancies like yourselves, take care of those issues for the business owners.

Do you keep up-to-date with new employment legislation and react accordingly?

We try to. But again we would like the experts in our supply chain to stay across these changes and inform us.

What are your concerns for the future (e.g. increase in minimum wage…)

Our concerns in general are being able to find good people who have empathy. This is the key word really finding employees and employers who have empathy for what each individual is trying to achieve.

What makes you optimistic?

Positivity, as long as the people around me are positive then we can be optimistic that we can achieve scale and success in anything we do. There is tonnes of talent in our industry but I think it takes a team with a vision to use that talent effectively.

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