maurice logie

Name: Maurice Logie

Role: Director

Company: Moreland Insurance Brokers


Tell me about an average day at Moreland

We do a variety of things at Moreland but it all falls under the umbrella of general insurance. We mainly deal with the business community – up to 85% of our client base is other businesses, mainly SMEs, although we do work with a few national chains across a number of sectors. We like to say that we can insure everything from corner-shops upwards!

The majority of our clients come from three areas:

  • The local business community
  • Franchisees
  • Church and charity organisations

What is Moreland’s proudest achievement?

The fact we’ve been in business for 51 years is something we are very proud of. It is not the same business it was back in the early days, and the transformation is has undergone is another thing we like to celebrate. It is something special to be a part of.

Data security is becoming increasingly important as businesses migrate to a digital footing. What is Moreland’s response to the changing landscape?

Our new product, Cyber Assist, is our response to the legislation on data protection. Businesses can no longer avoid the requirement to be compliant with data protection laws, yet many are unsure how to do this and even what to do. Cyber Assist is our way to help businesses protect themselves against data breaches, offering:

  • A 24 hour helpline
  • The costs of rectifying the breach of service
  • Some PR and Brand Protection/Crisis Containment cover
  • Payment for any fines received as a result of data breaches

What do you consider good practice for data protection? What should businesses do?

The law makes clear that businesses must do two things:

  • Carry out a risk assessment around data in their business
  • Produce a data policy document addressing how they manage data and protect against breaches

My advice is to follow the law!

A lot of people shy away from data issues because they consider it too complex or specialist. What is your advice to these people?

Unfortunately they can’t shy away from data protection because it is enshrined in UK and EU law. I think the world of big corporate business has been aware of the rules around data protection for some time now, and have reacted to it accordingly. This need to react is now trickling down to SMEs, but it is taking its time.

Rather than go to the trouble of learning about data, can’t someone just buy a piece of software to protect their business form viruses and theft?

Of course a company or individual can put up firewalls, yet this is only ever half the picture. It is equally, if not increasingly, important to also consider the human element in data malpractice and breaches. Even with the best systems in the world, there is always room for human error and hacking which can cause problems. And this is not just confined to the digital environment: print and hard copy is also open for breaches if it is mismanaged, such as leaving private files in the office or in the back of a taxi.

How can Moreland help?

We provide a twenty page document on data protection policies that provides a business with a practical response to the law, and simplifying it all in the process. This is in addition to the other features of Cyber Assist:

  • 24 hour helpline
  • Rectification costs
  • PR/crisis management should your business suffer a breach
  • Payment of fines received

And we do all this for a starting price of an incredible £80 excluding IPT (currently @ 6%) per year, which is nothing when you weight it up against possible penalties and problems.