Queen Bee Syndrome is a myth, according to research published by Columbia Business School. The idea that senior business women deliberately stunt the career progressions of other women, are hostile to female colleagues in the workplace and show zero-support is, in fact, a work of fiction which is attributable to only a small percentage of female leaders. There is no concrete evidence to suggest women discriminate against women.

Conversely, the research showed that the lack of women has very little to do with other women but is a consequence on a male determination to retain control. What’s more, the likelihood of other women following them to executive levels fell by 50% based on male leaders deliberately seeking to stunt the progression of women in general.

All this comes in the same week when German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, set out her plans for more vocational training for women in the developing world during the G& summit. Her plans are to join forces with other world leaders to set in motion initiatives that will socially and materially benefit women and girls in the developing world where their chances of independent emancipation are few and far between.

  • Laws in more than 100 countries continue to curtail women’s roles in the economy
  • Statistics show that females are disproportionately affected by global poverty, violence and corruption
  • A female is 21% less likely to own a mobile phone than a man

Gender equality is crucial for social and economic development and will produce a fairer world offering opportunity for all. However the change should not just be restricted to social programs; it is important that businesses also contribute to greater equality.

In the words of Barack Obama, ‘ When women succeed, nations are made more safe, more secure and more prosperous.’

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