Name: Sara Jones
Role: co-Founder

Brief Biography

Rather than regurgitate an excellent biography full of clumsy paraphrasing and thick gloss, I highly recommend you reading the Hiring Hub story which gives a great account of how it all came to be:

  • Tell us about a usual working day?

Most days are different. As there’s a lot to do, the days are fast paced. We have a great team in place, which allows me to delegate some of the day-to-day activities, giving me time to take a more strategic view of growing the business. A lot of my day is focused on driving the operations – the sales and account management teams – and working with the developers on product development. Ensuring we have the right people, processes and structures in place that will allow us to scale the business.

  • What’s’s proudest achievement?

It’s tricky to pin point just one thing. We’ve won a number of awards, which always acts as a pat on the back, and we were even invited to Number 10 to meet the Prime Minister. Most recently, we secured investment and one of our investors is the CEO of one of our customers. What better validation of our product and service, than a customer willing to stump up a six-figure sum to get involved?

  • How many employees work for

We currently have 12 employees, and we have another four confirmed for our January 2015 intake, where they will start with a week-long induction and training course. We’ll be hiring throughout 2015, so if there’s anyone reading this that’s looking for an exciting opportunity within a fast-growing business.

  • works with recruitment agencies – where there seems to be an increase in smaller start-ups recently specialising in single industries or skill-sets. Do you think this signals a growing prioritisation of employers to find the ideal candidate (replacing trial and error)?

Yes I do. There’s a huge skill shortage in the UK, across lots of sectors and specialisms, and it’s only getting worse. At we like to work with the ‘boutique’, specialist recruitment agencies. We have a network of 1000 recruitment agencies, serving around 500 employers.

  • I loved the story:, especially the part about creating a ‘curious, vibrant, energetic, warm and fun company.’ It is a great cultural ambition, but is this left to chance or do you try to shape the culture in any way?

To us, it’s very important to have good sense of culture running throughout, and as an evolving business, our culture is evolving too, and our first few employees have contributed to its development. Ensuring all employees and potential employees are on board with our vision and values is key in shaping our culture. We know how to spot the type of characters that will thrive in our business. We hire optimists with a cheerful disposition. Provided their attitude is right, and their character suits the role we want them to play, we can train them in a certain area, and develop them too.

Working at is a great opportunity for employees because of our ambitious growth plans. It’s a perfect for switched on folk who are seeking a challenge and the chance to carve out an accelerated career for themselves. It’s exposure to life at a fast growth, developing start-up, so the learning process is real and hands-on. This in itself helps build a strong innovative culture.

  • Your Story also signals a desire for employees to ‘challenge the status quo’. I can see that disruption and innovation is part of your DNA, but how do you ensure this philosophy is carried out by employees?

Again, it’s by making sure that they understand’s vision and values. Why we do what we do, and how we go about doing it. We want employees to work hard but have fun. There is no room for negativity. We liken this to ‘happy mosquitoes’ who (safely!) spread a contagious positive sense of fun and helpfulness amongst their networks and clients.

Disruption ultimately means change, and us British aren’t typically known for embracing change. But, change is essential for progression. It helps drive businesses forward. It is therefore essential that employees both understand and possess the right attitude for change.

  • Do you keep up-to-date with new employment law and health & safety legislation and react accordingly?

Yes, we’re an agile business and so it’s not difficult for us to keep abreast of, and adapt for, changes in legislation. We’re surrounded by a strong network professional advisors too, who also support this.

  • What makes you optimistic?

Luckily this is something that comes naturally to myself, and to my business partner, too. You’ve got to be – there’s no other option. We’ve learnt that there will always be knocks and challenges, but we’re not the sought to focus on the problem, only the solution. We’re fighters too. Thankfully this is a progressive thing, and our thresholds for stress has increased over the years. Our personalities evolve with the business. And, I hope our employees will continue to see this positivity and carry it too.

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