HR Stationery

We do not recommend the use of template documentation for contracts of employment or employee handbooks, as they should be tailored to the organisation specific sector and size. Contracts of employment should be reviewed regularly due to statutory updates and recent case law. If you require any documents that are not listed please contact the helpline on 0800 015 2519 for assistance.

Document No.Document TitleSizeTypeCreated DateDownload
148 Hour Opt Out Agreement159.48 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
2Application Form233.75 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
3Application Form w/DBS Check207.44 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
4Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form169.32 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
5Exit Interview Form184.04 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
6Sample Holding Letter167.88 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
7Holiday Form29.58 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
8Induction Forms167.95 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
9Interview Assessment Form20.24 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
10Laptop Agreement247.98 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
11Return To Work Interview Form30.64 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
12Sample Offer Letter155.01 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
13Sample Rejection Letter150.15 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
14Self Certification Of Absence146.22 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download
15Short Listing Matrix233.00 Kbpdf29/05/2018Download